• Dating in Craiova!
    Your perfect love?
    Join our chatrooms, are free!
  • Dating in Craiova!
    Your perfect love?
    Join our chatrooms, are free!

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In order to protect our network from unwanted users or automated scripts we have introduced a new proxy sistem (more info you can read here...). If you find youself in a ban make sure than you are not using proxy or VPN connection. In other cases, you can contact us.

VideoChat facilities

Safe broadcast

We do not record and do not monitor the video chat connections, because this is made peer-to-peer. The only person that can see your web camera is your partner and just you.

Random video chat

This software uses a random connection to find new people, so just push a button to search for girls and boys.

We do not record chats

Your private chat is safe with us. We do not record your conversations and do not monitor. You are free to use this platform respecting our terms and conditions.

Free chatrooms

We host free chatrooms to connect and to meet new people. Those are made with the help of IRC.

Forum discussion

Just create a member account to start a discussion. Access our forum and discover new things.

Forum access

We are waiting your request for a forum moderator. JOIN us!

Ranks and accesses

If you are using IRC chatrooms you can see that all the commands are rank based. Be a good user and we will promote you.

Admin pannel

If you are an admin, you will experiment the options that you have access. Server administration, user votes, and more.

Multiple chatrooms

Posibilitatea de a adauga mai multe camere chat

Shoutcast radio

We like to broadcast live, so you can hear us live at radio.

Help and support

If you need some help just send us a message and we will respond to you.